About us

Bridge Institute of Business Studies prides itself on flexibility and research driven training programs.The pioneer work of the college was witnessed in 2009 when the college opened its doors for the first time. To date the college is highly ranked and fully established and registered holding registration certificate no. 190721/2009.We are VETA (Vocational Education Training Authority) registered and recognized as an international training and examination centre for ICM- UK ( Institute of Commercial Management) and ABMA-UK ( Association of Business Managers & Administrators)

The quality of our training is reflected in our success in the national teaching and quality Assurance, assessment through the ministry of Education &Vocational Training Inspectorate Department. The college caters for a wide range of professional training Programs. Our focus is to develop a strong knowledge transfer process and produce skilled manpower to suit working environment in the following industries:International and regional airlines,Tourism & Hospitality Industry,Broadcasting Stations,Print Media houses,Hotel and Lodges,Manufacturing industries,Government ministries,Parastatals,Non Governmental & Community Based Organizations,Self employment/empowerment.


The vision of BIBS is: To be a center of excellence in quality, relevant and innovative tertiary education provider.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop professional skills and technical competences, produce proficient and versatile professional graduates by providing quality management courses. BIBS will achieve its mission through increased spirit of teamwork, commitment, professionalism, integrity and justice

Our Objectives

To give and develop in our students the skills and knowledge in demand in the local and international labor market through training Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma programs.

To make our students adaptable , effective and profitable in the performance of their duties both in the private and public sectors

To enhance the students’ academic, technical and professional growth and development

To organize management courses through seminars, conferences and workshops, for business organizations and individuals to tackle real issues that affect business operations and management in Tanzania and the world at large.

Our Core Values

BIBS core values are defined by its motto

“The Ultimate Bridge”

Academic excellence and integrity

Outstanding professionalism

Scholarly research and professional leadership

Integration of teaching, research, and service

Individual and collective excellence 6. Diversity, equity, and social justice

Education of individuals across the life span



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