Accounting and Finance

TBridge Institute Students 033he  Accounting & Finance program has been designed for those contemplating employment within the accountancy field.

It is also suitable for those already in employment who seek to develop their business, accounting and finance skills for career progression purposes.

Program Objectives
To provide employees and prospective accounting and finance students with a body of knowledge which will:

a) increase their employment opportunities
b) prepare them for careers in the field of accountancy and
c) provide them with a qualification which will enable them to progress to supervisory positions at a later stage in their careers.

Certificate in Accounting & Finance -Duration  of study -1yr

  1. Bookkeeping and Finance (Bookkeeping)
  2. Business Management & Administration
  3. Economics for Business
  4. Interpreting & Analyzing Information (Numeracy & Statistics)

Diploma in Accounting & Finance-Duration  of study -2yrs

  1. Accounting in Decision Making (Accounting II)
  2. Introduction to Business Law (Business Law)
  3. Computer Appreciation and Applications
  4. Cost & Management Accounting (Cost Accounting)

Advanced Diploma in Accounting & Finance- Duration  of study -3yrs

  1. Accounting & Financial Reporting (Accounting III)
  2. Auditing & Taxation
  3. Financial Management
  4. Management Theory & Practice
  5. Entry Requirements
    The Institute operates an Open Entry  policy in respect of many of its vocational programs but prospective students should note that the following entrance qualifications are recommended for those wishing to undertake this program:
  1. Certificate: Form IV with 5 credits of grade A or B or C including English and Mathematics
    OR Basic Book Keeping Certificate
    OR NABE stage 2 with 5 passes including English and Mathematics plus Secondary Education with atleast 5 passes.
  2. Diploma: Form IV with two principal passes and a subsidiary pass provided that one has passed Mathematics at O Level OR Certificate in Accountancy with at least 5 credit passes including English & Mathematics OR Certificate in Financial Administration with at least 5 credit passes including English & Mathematics.
  3. Advance Diploma. Diploma in Business Administration, Accounting option and or atleast 2 principal passes at A Level or 3 credit passes at O Level.
  4. Any qualification equivalent to one of the above



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