Business & Mangement Studies

Business Studies Bridge Institutes of Business Studies( BIBS) has so far excelled worldwide and produced the best results in the world with our students receiving awards every year. Business studies course provides professional qualifications that prepare one in a Business Administration career such as Human Resource management, Financial Management, Accounting and Marketing.

Our target groups are O Level and A Level Certificate holders, university graduates and all other employees who intend to improve their management or professional skills.

Courses Offered:

  • Certificate in Business Management & Administration  1yr
  • Diploma in Business Management & Administration      2yrs
  • Certificate in Human Resource Management  1yr
  • Certificate in Business Studies  1yr
  • Diploma in Business Studies  2yrs
  • Certificate in Sales Management & Marketing  1yr
  • Diploma in Sales Management & Marketing  2yrs
  • Certificate in Purchasing & Supplies Management  1yr
  • Diploma  in Purchasing & Supplies Management  2yrs
  • Certificate in Project Management 1yr
  • Diploma in Project Management  2yrs
  • Diploma in Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations  2yrs
  • Certificate in Public Relations  1yr
  • Diploma in Public Relations  2yr
  • Single Subject Diploma in Customer Service
  • Certificate in Marketing 1 yr
  • Diploma in Marketing 2 yr
  • Advanced Diploma in Marketing3 1 yr

Entry Requirement:

The Institute operates an Open Entry  policy in respect of many of its vocational programs but prospective students should note that the following entrance qualifications are recommended for those wishing to undertake this program:

Certificate Level: O Level with passes in Mathematics and English

Diploma Level: A Level with at least  two passes .

Advanced Diploma Level: A Level with at least  three passes or related qualification from recognized institute .

Any  equivalent qualification

2 Responses to Business & Mangement Studies

  • There are available most prominent business management courses such as Human Resource management, financial management, Accounting and marketing for students. I would like to say that Event management is another fast emerging course in management educational industry. Student can make their career in global industry.
    Diploma in Event Management

    • Hi, Thank you very much for the constructive advice. We promise with work on it and possible formulate the course after critically examining the whole issue with our local and international examining bodies.

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