Human Resource Management

Bridge Institute Students 022Continuing economic activity and growth in developed, transitional and emerging economies has created excellent career opportunities, in both the public and private sectors, for those with demonstrable HRD skills.

This program has been designed for those with an interest in human resource development, training and personnel management who seek a recognised qualification in order to improve their workplace performance and enhance their career and employment prospects.

To provide participants with a body of knowledge which will enable them to:

a) understand and apply human resource theory in the working environment
b) understand the importance of human resource development to the success of a business
c) to make a positive contribution to the work of a human resource management department
d) to increase and enhance employment opportunities within the human resource development industry

 Diploma in Human Resource Development 2yrs

 Advanced Diploma in Human Resource Management 3yrs

Entry Requirements
Applicants should note that the following entrance qualifications are recommended for those wishing to undertake this program:

  1. Diploma in Business Studies  from recognized college
  2. Equivalent level qualification).

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