Office Management & Administration

Admission proceduresThe roles and chores of the secretary have undergone major metamorphosis in the last decade from a mere typist to a gatekeeper. The secretary uses his / her professional skills, charm and charisma to keep the office going, instill and sustain order and decorum.

BIBS uniquely trains this kind of a secretary who can serve as a Public Relations officer, Administration Officer, Administrator, Coordinator, Advocate, Programmer and consultant. The training involves inculcating professional skills in Business Communication, Customer care, Information technology and Organizational behavior.

This kind of a Secretary will not only be wide in his / her knowledge and attitudes but also competent in his / her skills and eclectic in his / her performance. BIBS target school leavers, executive working class secretaries, and administrators etc.

Our students have been seeking admission for degree courses in universities worldwide.

We offer both regular (day) program as well as evening program.

  • Diploma in Secretarial Administration
  • Front Office Course
  • Telephone / Receptionist Course

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